The spyware Browsezilla, and the vulnerability discovered in HLINK

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Subject: The spyware Browsezilla, and the vulnerability discovered in HLINK
Posted by:  MFIORI (MFIO…
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006

Browsezilla is an Internet browser that can be downloaded from numerous web
pages. When installed, it installs the adware PicsPlace on computers, which
in turn connects users, without their knowledge, to certain adult content web
pages. This generates an artificial number of hits on these websites, with
the consequent financial benefits to the owners of the websites and the
creators of Browsezilla. The consequences for users that install this browser
are primarily unnecessary bandwidth usage caused by the hidden connection to
these web pages. In addition, users could find themselves unjustly accused of
visiting these pornographic websites.

PandaLabs has also warned this week of a vulnerability discovered in
HLINK.DL, a library used by several Microsoft Office programs, such as
Microsoft Excel. Exploits of this vulnerability have been detected that can
infect computers using a specially-crafted Excel file. This document could be
distributed by email or downloaded from a website. There is currently no
patch available for this vulnerability, and users are therefore advised to
treat all Excel files received with caution, regardless of their origin.