Win XP Client to 2003 Server Requires Username/Password

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Subject: Win XP Client to 2003 Server Requires Username/Password
Posted by:  Diane (Dia…
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006

I am not familiar with security, so I apologize in advance for what are
likely very naive questions.

Our site has 2 domains.  Users log into domain A which is an old NT 4
server.  Domain B has  windows 2k DCs, win 2k exchange 2003 server, and a win
2003 standard member server.  A trust relationship exists between domain A
and domain B.

A new client/server application has been installed on the win 2003 server
(no service packs) with a client app on Win XP Pro/SP2 desktops.  Whenever
users attempt to use the client, it will not run until they use explorer to
browse to the proper 2003 folder.  They then get a username/password request.
They must log in to Domain B after which they can map to the application
folders and access what is needed. After they log off, the whole thing must
be repeated the next time they log on and want to use the app.  I have
scanned the security and account policies on the 2003 server but am wary of
changing anything and causing bigger problems.  Can someone help me
understand what needs to be done to avoid the logon issue every time a user
wants to use this application?  More applications of this type are coming, so
I just see the issue increasing.

Thanks very much for your help.