Windows 2003 remote admin access

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Subject: Windows 2003 remote admin access
Posted by:  John Collins (jc19…
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006


I have a query which is only apparent due to politics in the work place.  On
a technical level I can quite easily stop this issue but am intrigued as to
how this can be happening?..

One of our Windows 2003 servers is being accessed by a user who does have an
administrator account, but does not have local access to the server.  From
outside the local network the only permitted inbound access is for HTTP,
HTTPS, SMTP and FTP, all using the standard ports.  There is no remote
access software installed, e.g. Remote Desktop, NetOp etc.  How can it be
possible for files to be added / removed, permissions changed etc on this
server via these protocols?  (Obviously the user can interact with the
services that are provided, but things are changing outside of these

Any ideas at all, anyone?