Admin Access in Windows Vista Beta 2

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Subject: Admin Access in Windows Vista Beta 2
Posted by:  damo…
Date: 10 Aug 2006

Hi Folks,

I just upgraded by XP pro to Windows Vista 2 build 5384. I'm unable to
Route my IP address in the cmd prompt and recieve the error or
"requested operations required elevation."  I tried to run a few other
applicatio and i'm prompted to "log on as a power user,."  I'm unable
to achieve this and its a must for me to be able to route my IP as well
as run some other program. I went into local users and groups and made
myself part of both Administrators and Power Users. I even created a
new User within the user accounts of the control panel.  Does anyone
know how I would be able to make myself an admin of my own computer wih
my existing username/password?