Virus Response Plan

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Subject: Virus Response Plan
Posted by:  Spin (Sp…
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006


Most of you MVPs, Helpdesk and System Engineer types most likely work in
large private corporations, or some level of state or government.  That
said, do any of you have a virus response plan in place such that when your
central Virus monitoring system (be it the Symantec System Center Alert
Management Console or whatever) sends out a virus alert that a machine has
been compromised such that the virus could not be removed or quarantined
then an IT incident-responder (be it a helpdesk or field technician) hits
the floor, finds the workstation and executes a written set of procedures to
clean the virus or wipe the machine and re-load the OS.

I am looking for whatever someone has written up so that I can get a
head-start on this writing assignment my manager has dumped on me.  :-)