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Subject: Re: viewing websites using a proxy site
Posted by:  Patrick Dickey (
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006

&lt;robertfost…; wrote in message
news:D444DB32-5FDE-4BC2-88DC-3188B1FBBA…</DIV>> hi
> my sister has just found out she can view the restircted websites that i
> have blocked by using a proxy website (i.e superproxy). This is now
> bugging
> me!
> does anyone know of a way i can stop this?
> we curretnly use internet explorer 6 to use the net and i have norton
> internet sercuity 2005 installed on the machine
> thanks
> robert

I won't delve into whether you should or should not be restricting which
sites she looks at.  That's your decision and without knowing what sites you
are restricting or why, I'm not in a position to pass judgment on you.
(Plus I don't necessarily want to know what sites or why).

However, assuming that you have a valid reason for restricting the sites,
you could do a google search on Parental Controls.  That is what you're
looking for--Not Internet Options.  Programs such as CyberPatrol, NetNanny,
or even MSN's Parental Controls (just to name a few).  I will say that
assuming you're both kids, this is something that you need to involve your
parents in.  Because it's going to cost you money to download a decent
effective Parental Controls solution.  And, by involving your parents, they
may be able to put a stop to this without resorting to that.

If you're an adult, and she's a child (reading that as under 18 for her and
over 18 for you) then you don't need to talk with your parents (although I
would still recommend that).  Unless it's their computer and not yours.

Patrick Dickey.

smile... someone out there cares deeply for you.



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