wireless and router; security issue

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Subject: wireless and router; security issue
Posted by:  unstablemicrosoft (unstablemicroso…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006

Hi. Since I recently have been studying networking in general, I understand
WAN's and LAN's better now.

But I have a question about my own network configuration, about what
something means, particulary with regard to safety/security, but also in a
broader perspective.

I'll outline my configuration briefly: ISP is cable company, from cable/wall
socket a cable goes to the cable modem, from there a cable goes to the
sitecom router, there is a wireless connection, using WPA-PSK encryption,
between that router and the adapter on my computer in a different room. No
other computers or devices in my network.

This morning my computer crashed, and I decided to deinstall and then
reinstall my wireless adapater (Sitecom).
This may not be clear to you or you may not understand it, but I've decided
to omit irrelevant information.

When I reinstalled the software of my wireless adapter, I saw, on the
software panel of the adapter, under profile setting, profile name and
network name, that it said "Sitecom". Just that, nothing else.

Since my router uses wireless encryption, I then instructed my adapter to
connect to the router, and I gave the adapter the WPA-PSK code it needed to
establish a connection with the router.

After having done that, on the adapters software "panel", under profile
setting, profile name and network name, it showed an entry called "sitecom",
and another entry, under profile settings, profile name, name
:"<infra-sitecom>", network name Sitecom. Network type: access point, channel
N/A (although there was an active connection!)

I decided to delete both entries, and to reestablish the connection by
choosing site survey, connect, and then I gave the WPA-PSK code. Vitually
instantly, a connection was established. Now, under profile setting, it shows
profile name <infra sitecom>, network name Sitecom. (Btw, it still stated:
channel N/A, while there was an active connection!)

So only one entry, instead of the two I had previously.

I don't really understand these entries. Please keep my configuration in mind.

I didn't see any point in having two entries, and thought that the plain
"sitecom" entry might pose a security risk, or that it at least was redundant.

So, can anyone shed some light on this ?

Is having <Infra Sitecom> as the only entry safe ?
Or was the other entry, plainly called "sitecom" of some use to me ? Again,
I don't understand this.

With this only entry, the wireless connection seems to work perfectly, and I
have had it configured that way for many months.

Also, I configured my McAfee firewall 7.x as a home network, and instructed
it to NOT trust my home network. Yet, mysteriously, I sometimes get log
entries in the log of incoming traffic (described as "unwanted connection
attempts", sorry, crude translation), although my router SEEMS to have a
firewall, according to several tests. Is there any connection between this
and what I stated in the previous paragraphs ?

Advice/insight appreciated.