virus sent in yousendit email notification

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Subject: virus sent in yousendit email notification
Posted by:  Canna W (Cann…
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006

Yesterday I got an email from yousendit - the company which enables you to
send large zipped files by filling in a form to upload to their site, and the
other  party downloads them at the other end - via a notification email from
yousendit .  (I think that is how it works!)

Anyway, this time the email was just filled with a large advertisement.
There were no refs to a download - as there usually is.  Almost immediately
afterwards I got a note from Norton anti virus saying that 2 risks had been
repaired (I think deleted...)
1. Downloader virus.
2. Trojan.ByteVerify virus.

I tried to visit the yousendit site myself and log in, but got a page of
typing that looked like the page underwriting or supporting the normal
yousendit form, rather than the form itself.

The yousendit file that Norton picked up, was one of several that I was
expecting (I knew a friend would be sending me 2 or 3.)  I deleted all of
them, just in case.  I know he sent the same files to another friend, and she
received them free of viruses, without any problems.  The problem therefore
does not seem to be coming from his computer.

This morning I saw that  there was another yousendit notification email in
my inbox.  It refered to a photograph that I sent someone about 2 weeks ago.
    The person I sent it to says she knows nothing about this email, and it
seems highly suspicious.  I have deleted it.

I have changed my gmail account filter so that all yousendit files will in
future be deleted as spam,

Maybe I need to set up an account dedicated only to  yousendit ?  If any
problems occurred again, it would at least be easy just to close the account.

I wondered if others had experienced this problem and how they dealt with it.

Yousend it is an invaluable resource, and not one I want to lose.

Suggestions would be most welcome.