CREATOR OWNER assigning issue

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Subject: CREATOR OWNER assigning issue
Posted by:  d.p.lars…
Date: 24 Aug 2006

I am working on hardening WinXP systems for the corporation I am
employed with, and a certain security setting I am trying to implement
designated that the CREATOR OWNER account is to have Full Access to
subfolders and files only (file and folder permission/registry
permission); however no matter what I have tried it will not allow me
to add CREATOR OWNER stating it does not exist in the Domain (being
tested in a lab setting first, which I know it exists as it shows up
everywhere I look).  I have implemented all other system security
settings and hooked the machine up to an active environment to try it
out, and it would allow me to add CREATOR OWNER from the live Domain,
but does not allow me to change rights.

I do have administrator access to make the changes, and this is the
only issue I have encountered and wondered if anyone out there may have
an idea as to what may be the cause behind this.

Thanks for any assistance