Event 675 on my nerves

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Subject: Event 675 on my nerves
Posted by:  Jon Bakersfield (…@blingo.chartruse.com)
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006

I recently changed my password, after doing so I am finding that one of our
servers is using my credentials for some event and is causing my account to
lock out.  The requests do not come at regular intervals, and typically come
a couple at a time.  First 2 then another 3 or first 1 then 2 more then
another 2.  In any case I'm going mad trying to figure this one out.

Here's some other ideas I've already tried...Anyone else have suggestions on
how I can find what is using my credentials on a regular basis?

The server in question has no rogue RDP/ terminal server sessions that would
cause this.
None of the services listed show my username in the 'Log on as' field.
There are no mapped drives (other than loginscript drives) that reference my
user info.
If there was any question about a profile not being able to unload I
installed and ran the "UPHclean" utility from Microsoft.