windows firewall vs ipsec

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Subject: windows firewall vs ipsec
Posted by:  deep (de…
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006

Hi all

can someone help what would be good to use windows firewall or Ipsec

till now we had been using ipsed on windows 2000

one thing i can see is that windows firewall doesnt behave as real firewall
it doesnt allow to block /allow specific subnets

can any one guide difference /advantages

also we need to script out so that it can be deployed on multiple servers in
a standrad manner

I culd find a few help on firewall scripting but nthing on ipsec can some
help me
alos by boss is adamant to know exactly does ipsec gives best protection
agains other kind of s/w firewalls available?
Also since for linux boxes we use  iptables which work at kernel level
can anyone tell how equally secure is ipsec for windows

we need to take some policy decsions for using ipsec for more than 200
webserver and almost 50 sql servers