Network Cable Disconnection and Elevated Access

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Subject: Network Cable Disconnection and Elevated Access
Posted by:  Lokiarmos (21982349812348108…@Localhost)
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006

We have discovered in my workplace (A School) that they students are
the network cables as the students log on, this prevents the GP from been

This then allows them the browse the network, although they can only see
visable shares which are not many but what did surprise me was that they
could get access to the sysvol and where able not only to write to it but
change permissions.

This in turned stuffed up sysvol and forced me to do a authorative restore
on it.

Now the questions i have are
      1. Whom or to what level are they been authenticated as
      2. How can i prevent them from logging on if the GPOs are not applied.
      3. And how do i do it in the way that won't affect the other users
(teachers) who use the machine.