Disabled soldiers at Walter Reed are in need!

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Subject: Disabled soldiers at Walter Reed are in need!
Posted by:  QuidnuncSimcha (QuidnuncSimc…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006


For those people who feel this may be inappropriate, forgive me.

I had an idea to donate my "airline miles" to a local disabed/discharged
soldier so that per could take a trip to someplace like Vegas. I contacted
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to see if they could assist me with setting
up housing and food. During my discussion with DAV in DC, I was told that
many patients at Walter Reed Medical Center would like to go home for a visit
but can't afford the plane fare. The DAV rep suggested that I give my miles
(enough to buy two domestic tickets or one international ticket), to two
patients. I immediately realized his wisdom. A patient returning home for a
visit can do a lot for per.'s health. When the DAV can find a way to get the
patient home (like someone donating miles or money to buy a ticket), the DAV
will purchase baseball tickets, etc. so that the patient can enjoy activity
with the family.

Although the airlines have created programs like "miles for america", these
miles cannot be used by Walter Reed. The airline company that I deal with
said individuals would have to individually contact Walter Reed, get the name
of a patient, and personally "cash-in" their miles to purchase that person a
ticket. This is what I was planning on doing.

Are other people willing to donate miles for these soldiers/patients? I
think so.

Listen, the act of donating miles to get soldiers home from the battle field
is a great idea/cause. It benefits the solder, the soldiers family, and our
nation. As a veteran, I appreciate this cause but I also realize these
soldiers have other options. Since programs like "miles for soldiers" and
"miles for america" exist, these soldiers will have some help in returning.
Furthermore, the soldier can also take a "HOP". Granted, there is a wait time
when taking a "HOP" but it is available. Personally, I would say most "active
duty soldiers" would rather get a Walter Reed Patient home for a visit
instead of taking the miles for their own visit.

If you have some extra miles and would like to donate them, please consider
a Walter Reed Patient. If you have some extra cash and would like to buy a
ticket, please consider Walter Reed. If you have some pull in your
corporation and suggest the idea to the "people of power", please consider
Walter Reed Patients.

Thanks for reading this post!