How do I issue SSL Certificate?

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Subject: How do I issue SSL Certificate?
Posted by:  David Sharman (dsharm…
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006

I require a digital signature and private key for uploading onto a
router/gateway in order to provide ssl connectivity for the web interface of
the gateway through which users will log on to gain access to the Internet.

The digital signature has to have a "CRT" extension and the private key
requires a "KEY" extension. I have been informed by the manufacturer that I
need a Base64 encoded digital certificate, do I need any other information
in order to create a valid digital certificate for use on the gateway?

How can I do this using Windows Server 2003 SP1? Also, should I select Stand
Alone CA or Enterprise CA when installing Digital Services on the Server

Users of the gateway will log on the gateway from a public LAN and the
gateway will verify log on details via RADIUS using the Windows 2003 Server
on a Private Network.

Thank you for your assistance

David Sharman
Regional Computer Services