Who owns "Research" on my I/E6 Toolbar?

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Subject: Who owns "Research" on my I/E6 Toolbar?
Posted by:  tedoniman (tedonim…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006

Hello all,

Got a few new problems...

Win XP Pro SP2; Celeron 2.7 GHz; 224 MB RAM (originally)*

In I/E 6 I have a single toolbar at top the 3rd (last) section of which
6 icons: Mail, Print, Edit w/ MS Office Excel, Discuss, "Research" and
Probably these all belong to MS but one would like to be sure.

"Research" is one of 3 browser extensions/addons I currently have in
Tools, Manage Add-ons:

    Research (extension)
    Spybot (BHO)
    MS Messenger (extension)

The "Manage Add-ons" menu gives only a very light and brief bit of info
regarding "Add-ons". It's reasonably common knowledge the latter, et. al.,
be quite destructive if of malware origin. Yet no serious precautionary info
is provided at the menu. The only option given is enable/disable. This is not

particularly helpful as disabling an unknown function could also be
tho' this may not necessarily be immediately obvious.

The option to "Update" is also given but is grayed out. So there's no way to
check out the source via this route either. There is no "Help" available to
explain "why" it might be grayed out - if it's due to a user security setting
or if it's just there for show.

Similarly, nothing about any add-on can be determined by right- or left-click
on any. Elsewhere, trying to get info on any of these via 'Properties,', is
equally as fruitless.

There is no visible, obvious way to actually 'remove' any of them, either.
Neither are any of them listed in Add/Remove Programs - though, technically,
these could be powerful 'programs' of their own right.

I know about Spybot and if it's "truly" the "genuine" article on there,
it's OK with me - but how can one be sure about this BHO? Not every user
would be able to make a determination here.

I don't really trust Messenger because it's confusing and also potentially
dangerous to use, from what I understand from some forums. I would like to
remove it (unless reassured otherwise). How to do so?

I would like to know, most of all, what is "Research"? Could not find any
info on it via Google, et. al. It's a mystery, altho' I suspect it's a valid
p/o the package. Here again, how can one be sure? It could also be a spy.


I'm more than a bit concerned because it just took me 2 weeks and ultimately
a re-install to get rid of a really nasty infestation completely.

Wondering if I've caught another one. After the re-install, I observed an
intermittent Network Traffic monitor icon on sys tray / notification area.
By now
it's permanently absent.  Don't believe it's a setting omission (nor the
problem of multiple missing icons due to a non-resolved Win issue) as it was
there in the beginning. All other icons are OK.

What setting can one make to assure the icon is always there?

Am on a LAN and small home net, w/ Internet access via an 8-port hub which
goes thru a 1 or 2-port router to the line. Network and Internet access OK,
as before - except that occasionally, when try to jump to another site, get a
"... not currently connected ... click to go on line ... " error message.
experienced this before, also, but very, very rarely, then.

Can anyone shed some light on 'Research' and the missing icon?

As I said, all other icons are always there. Do have a recent RAM problem,
BTW. *Active is at 96 MB, down from 224 originally. Have single board only.
Re-seating or changing slots is of no avail. Three mem test aps proclaim all
OK but do agree
w/ Win XP on only 95-96 MB there. Will try get replacement soon.

Appreciate any useful advice.