Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations Online Download Problem ! ! !

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Subject: Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations Online Download Problem ! ! !
Posted by:  Patrick (Patri…
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006

I used to be able to click on any online PowerPoint Presentation on the web
and it would instantly download---NOW when I click on the hyperlink .ppt my
Microsoft Internet Explorer pops up a window that says either open or save.
When I click "Open" it says it is downloading the .ppt but screen comes up
blank and browser says "Done" but nothing appears. When I click on "Save" in
the window the .ppt is saved to my computer and then I can open the
presentation.  I don't want to save all these PowerPoint Presentations on my
computer and then delete--as it is too time consuming. I set all of my
security controls for enable downloading on a particular PowerPoint
Presentation that I am interested in but still won't help and my other
internet security is marked to allow access on this one particular PowerPoint
Presentation---but still no access---any suggestions by anyone ? ? ?