XP Firewall Policy???

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Subject: XP Firewall Policy???
Posted by:  Moo (grandmasterm…@gmail.com)
Date: 4 Oct 2006


I have a question regarding the XP Firwall.  I want to roll this out
across our organisation, and am happy that local admins have access to
add exceptions etc.

However, I have some laptop users who will need to disable the firewall
from time to time when they are off site.  The only way I can see of
doing this is for them to stop the service (which should then restart
when they are on the network and the policy refreshes).  But I would
like the GUI to not be greyed out, which it is as soon as you disable
with Group Policy.

Does anyone know of a way to enable the Firewall Control Panel applet,
whilst still rolling out GP?