Windows 2003/XP environment and Altiris Suite

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Subject: Windows 2003/XP environment and Altiris Suite
Posted by:  RicNagy (RicNa…
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006

We are running Altiris Notification Server and are unable to push an Altiris
Agent to our client computers. I have troubleshot with Altiris and they seem
to feel its a problem with the Altiris Server having access to the admin
share on the clients. When Altiris tries to push the agent to a client we get
a 1204 error stating not authorized to login from this station. I can ping
from the Server to the workstations and vice versa.

    The only way we were able to get agent on one of the workstations was
to do
a manual pull from the workstation to the Server via a download web console
built into Altiris NS.

One of the other things I had tried today was to map from the Altiris Server
to C$ on one of the workstations using Domain Admin credentials and was
unable to and received the same 1204 error.

According to Altiris they say that they believe that the Server is unable to
push the agent as it is being denied access to the admin share on the

I have no idea why I would be refused when using a Domain Admin account
while trying to map to C$ and yes Domain Admins are a part of the local
administrators group.

On some of the other Servers I am able to map however I still don't think I
would be able to push from one of those because even though I am in a web
console the Altiris agent package would still be pushed from the Altiris

Ric Nagy
L-3 Titan Group
Network Engineer