Seemingly impossible security

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Subject: Seemingly impossible security
Posted by:  Fueled (poliquin_sim…
Date: 5 Oct 2006


We need to implement an "30-day evaluation version" security in our
software. This is how it will work:
- We send the customer an evaluation version of our software, plus a
registration utility.
- The customer installs our software and creates an activation code
from the registration utility (1). He then sends that code to us, via
- We receive the activation code, and using another utility, we create
the software key, based on the activation code received.
- We send the software key back to the customer, who registers using
the key (2).

We are sure that the customer cannot copy and use the software on
another computer, because the current computer's UUID is used in the
activation code / software key. We also encrypt the time and date of
the activation process in the registry, so that he cannot modify the
date and use the software more than 30 days.

But, it may become an alternative for an evaluating customer to format
his computer and redo the registration part (2) every 30 days. This way
he would be able to use it without purchasing.
Even better for him, would be to create an image of his computer when
the activation (1) is completed, and reinstall this image every 30
It may seem extreme, but at the price the software is offered, it would
become a viable solution.

No USB protection key may be used for our solution.

This seems practically impossible to achieve, but I turn towards the
group for advice on the subject.
Thank you in advance.