Windows OneCare Firewall

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Subject: Windows OneCare Firewall
Posted by:  luxtel…
Date: 11 Oct 2006

I just installed the 90 day trial of WOC, and took Symantec Worm
protection and AV off the computer.

In security settings, they say I have 2 firewalls is
running....they also say, I have 2 anti-virus programs running, even
after i removed NAV.

Is there any way...I can tell WOC which firewall is in use? and the
same with anti-virus? One firewall with XP SP2, and apparently, one
with WOC....

Also, I noticed a "group setting" feature associated with my firewall.

I'm not too bad on computers, but this problem baffles me.

Any Ideas?  Thanks in advance for the help...