Online Boards -- ID Revealed?

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Subject: Online Boards -- ID Revealed?
Posted by:  <*(((>< (Fis…@Ocean.Net)
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006

    I'd like to know how to NOT have my ID revealed when I'm
posting to online discussion boards on the internet (not through
    I use a yahoo address.  Then I go to the discussion board I'm
interested in, and complete their registration information, using the
yahoo email address.  I confirm, and start posting.  I sign out.
    I return to the online board, register as a different user,
and post.  The online board knows it's me.
    How do they know?  Do my posts reveal a unique computer ID#?
My true name or address?  Just my ISP IP?  The ISP dial-up number I
use?  Even if I dial-up through a different ISP, and logon, they can
ID me.

    How do they do this?
    How do I use boards without revealing so much traceable

    Some online boards, I don't want them to know who I am that
specifically.  I don't mind them knowing my ISP, but not ME.  No
nefarious purposes, here; just concerned about security.

Awaiting your responses with baited breath, I remain, yours truly,
    <*(((>< ~~~