Passwords and Credit card numbers kept on computer?

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Subject: Passwords and Credit card numbers kept on computer?
Posted by:  bxf (bi…
Date: 19 Oct 2006

I installed a downloaded program (InternetCalls)  that evidently
contained some trojans. Although the program itself is legitimate, the
installation package included  the trojans.

I have not been all that attentive to the various ill effects of
viruses,  etc, but nevertheless, I was very surprised to see that these
trojans created some text files that contained not only some of my
passwords but also a credit card number.

I never knowingly asked for any credit card numbers to be retained on
my machine, and yet this info is there. In fact, some of the data is
very old. This, of course, means that "anybody" can access this
information. And, although the trojans have been removed, I have no
idea as to where they obtained this "secret" info and how I should go
about removing it from my up-to-date XP/SP2 machine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.