CCapp error?

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Subject: CCapp error?
Posted by:  LRF63 (LRF…
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006

I get a CCapp error while I am shutting down the pc,& when I click on end
now,or even when I don't end now,& when the pc starts to shut down,I then get
a CCsvchst error that the reference could not be read.

I have run a full virus scan& spyware check& the system is
clean,uninstalled& reinstalled Norton internet security 2007 at least 3
times,uninstalled & reinstalled Windows Xp, & I am still getting the same
error message.

I think this is something having to do with Norton 2007- I have contacted
Norton support with no luck whatsoever.

Any recs on what to do?