Service Pack 2 problem

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Subject: Service Pack 2 problem
Posted by:  BlueEVIL420 (BlueEVIL4…
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006

Ever since I accidentally reinstalled Windows XP(I had forgotten that I left
the disk in the drive, and when another user started the computer, he
'boot[ed] from CD'), an alert has been telling me that I do not have service
pack 2 installed, yet I installed it months ago, and the site where I could
retrive Service Pack 2 told me I had it. The remnants of SP2 that I have,
like the icons for Security Center and Windows Firewall, are inoperable, with
SC turned off completely, and the WF link not working, due to an
'unidentified problem.'

I don't know what to do, and every second I am online is another second I am
exposed to innumerable security risks... Help!