Is corruption of Hyperlinks possible?

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Subject: Is corruption of Hyperlinks possible?
Posted by:  BoaterDave (BoaterDa…
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006

1. Can something be embedded *in the hyperlink itself* which might cause
immediate 'infection' of ones PC if it is 'clicked'?

2. Is there some way that a *third party* could interfere with a link -
innocently posted in a messages - so that if a reader subsequently 'clicks'
on the link (or even copies and pastes it into a Browser) - instead of being
directed to a bona fide site, one might end up on, say, an 'infected' web
site - a Spoof site in other words?

Should the answer(s) be yes - exactly *how* might it done - clever use of

Is there a guide available from Microsoft to advise of how to avoid the
pitfalls if either scenario *is* possible?

Any guidance will be much appreciated. TIA

  (XP Home SP2 and all Updates)