IE7 final and SpySweeper Ver 5.2.3 build 2120

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Subject: IE7 final and SpySweeper Ver 5.2.3 build 2120
Posted by:  Richard Urban (richardurbanREMOVETH…
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006

There are numerous  incompatibilities with the latest version
of SpySweeper and Internet Explorer 7.0 final. These incompatibilities have
finally forced me to uninstall the latest version and go back to SpySweeper
Ver 5.0.7  build 1608.

Here is a list of the most troublesome interactions:

1.    Opening a second tab in IE7 takes about 5-7 seconds just for the tab
to appear. I had previously said 3-5 seconds but it got worse.

2.    After the 2nd tab opens it takes about another 5 seconds for
"anything" to even begin to appear in the new tab.

3.    When holding the ctrl key and clicking on a link, in most cases, the
desired link would appear in the original tab.

4.    If I had multiple tabs open, and I wanted to close the active tab, I
would press CTRL & W, which should close the active tab only. Many times
when I did this Internet Explorer would close down.

5.    Outlook Express would take ages to open and make a connection to my
ISP's mail server.

6.    Many other programs just seemed to be taking a lot longer to

All of these problems have gone away after going back to SpySweeper Ver
5.0.7  build 1608.

The 2nd (and additional) tabs open instantaneously. The web information
begins to immediately paint the page. CTRL & click on web links open a new
tab every single time. CTRL & W closes the active tab "every single time".
Internet Explorer 7.0 final has stopped crashing.

I think I will wait until the next SpySweeper program update until I try
again. The present version just has too many problems!

BTW, Firefox has not been affected with the SpySweeper update.



Richard Urban
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