Found an unknown keylogger/ spyware named "MrvGINA.dll"

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Subject: Found an unknown keylogger/ spyware named "MrvGINA.dll"
Posted by:  EvilG (Evi…
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006

Anyone heard of this? Found it while trying to correct my computer starting
in "Administator" user mode, as opposed to my normal user profile. A log in
window appears, which I believe is created by the spyware to try and phish
When I tried to change the settings a warning stating "Windows Security and
Fast User turned off. Uninstall program to correct. Finding MrvGINA.dll may
help determine the responible program".
MrvGINA.dll is in the sytem32 folder.

Neither Spybot Search & Destroy nor Norton Internet Security have identified
the file leading me to believe it is a new spyware/malware.