Have I been Hacked?

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Subject: Have I been Hacked?
Posted by:  Sylviaa (Sylvi…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006

I had to do a clean install of my XP home edition recently ( 3 months ago )
and registered it in my own name!  I have been having major problems in the
past month resulting to my pc switching of randomly ( sometimes will stay on
for a day without switching off and then other days every half hour or
whateva ).  Today I went to check My computer, properties and now see that my
pc is now registered in another name ( clueless now )  I was using blueyonder
firewall but decided to remove and just used the built in XP 1.  Since
finding the new name I have installed Free Zone Alarm and scared to let any
programe in at all now.  Is it posible that I have been hacked and if so, how
can I change the registry information back to my own name?  Any help would be
really appreciated!  Ty in advance to anyone who can help me!