Do I need a CA\PKI

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Subject: Do I need a CA\PKI
Posted by:  zeb2100 (zeb21…
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006

I will be setting up an Active Directory network in the near future.  I was
wondering if I need a CA\PKI  for my environment.  Here is what I am looking
at setting up.

Two domain controllers, that will also serve as file servers.  One of the
domain controllers will have a tape backup unit connected to it  running
Backup Exec. IIS will not be installed anywhere in the domain.  Users will
have a home directory, and may have access to other shared directories as
needed.  The majority of users will be connecting to the domain in the LAN,
and will not have access to the domain remotely.  All the servers in the
domain will be in the same location.

Given this environment, do I need to set up a CA/PKI?  If so what are the
reasons and advantages of doing so?  Thanks for any input.