General EFS Question

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Subject: General EFS Question
Posted by:  Paul (Pa…
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006

EFS newbie here -
We have an SBS2003 domain and most all work is done in the office on
workstations.  Some users are now looking at VPN from home and using Remote
Desktop Connection to their workstations when necessary.  This is good, but I
would like to make sure that files that leave the office are not going to
open or otherwise be usable to anyone.  For example, if someone copied a file
from our network over a VPN and then tried running it on their own (remote)
computer, the fie would not open or run; But if they brought that same copied
file back into our office, say on a floppy, it would run or open.
From what I know, as long as the key to decrypt the file does not leave the
network, then the file should only open on the network - Right?