ztm file extension listed as executable

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Subject: ztm file extension listed as executable
Posted by:  jjoensuu (j_joens…@yahoo.com)
Date: 18 Nov 2006

Hi all,

I just ran this old utility called LExE (from Mischel Internet
Security) to find out which file extensions are listed as exeutable on
my machine. Among the usual extensions, the tool listed ".ztm". Not
knowing where this had come from, I changed the extension on a text
file on my desktop to the .ztm, and checked the properties, which gave
the following output:
Type of file:ZipGenius Theme
Opens with:%1

I do have ZipGenius installed so the first part sounds possible. But
since I do not think a zip tool theme file should be listed as
executable, I did a search in the registry to try to find out where the
extension is set. A full search in the regedit returned no results.

Anyone knows where a file extension is set to be executable?

thanks in advance