Microsoft TV Advert & Security 'people ready business'

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Subject: Microsoft TV Advert & Security 'people ready business'
Posted by:  Me (notachan…@fake.fake)
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006

Hi All,

Has anyone seen the TV Advertisement featuring a character named Alberto,
advertising the 'people ready business'? It is on UK television, I
couldn't say about any other country.

I have spotted several security problems with the advert.

1. Alberto is in a lift (elevator) 'shoulder surfing' over someone who is
using her PDA. She had no idea if all the people in the lift were staff
cleared to see the information.

2. Alberto is trying to swipe his card to enter a door. Another person
just opens the door. If a security device is fitted, it should be used!

3. Alberto does not log on to his workstation. No login = no

Now, I know this is the fanciful whim of an advertising agency but do you
think Microsoft should have allowed this to be released?