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Subject: Network Security
Posted by:  Peter Haase (PeterHaa…
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006


I'm doing some work for a company that has an MS network where their
firewall is a Cisco 800 device. The company public website sits on a server
that is also a windows 2000 domain controller and the exchange 2000 server
for the internal domain. There is a security need to keep internal patent
documents secure (they reside on a file server on the internal domain not
accessible directly by the public).

I know the configuration has security issues and want to address those,
especially as Exchange is going to be upgraded to 2003 and it's not
recommended it be on a DC. The hard part is I need good reasons for
management to accept that change is required. Can someone point me in the
direction of some white papers or articles on potential issues we could
encounter with the current design?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.