RE: How to buy a SSL certificate?

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Subject: RE: How to buy a SSL certificate?
Posted by:  John (Jo…
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006

SOLUTION for: How to Install Win2K3 Terminal Server SSL Certificate

Short Answer to reply/close to various posts I made:

- Do not Install Windows Server 2003 Certificate Services.
- Produce a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on any available IIS6 box, any
website. Yes CSP, select MS RSA
-    In CSR be sure to specify your FQDN intented for use by remote RDC
Users, same as RDC “Server” text box.
-    My FQDN is a Registered Whois Domain with resolves to IP like any other
- Buy a SSL Certificate from any CA.  Apply your CSR at CA.  Get CRT files,
two in my case, Web Cert & Intermediate Certificate.
- Apply CRTs to IIS6 Box, ICert to MMC and WCert to IIS6.
- Export Certificate from IIS6 Website as .PFX file, remove CRTs from IIS6
- Apply both CRTs to TS Box via MMC.
- TS Configuration will should now properly see your SSL Certificate.



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