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Subject: Re: system security alert
Posted by:  Malke (notreally@invalid.invalid)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006

beebeep wrote:

> Hi Have, I have a question. Every time I click the internet explorer
> button and open the internet, the Security Center page comes up
> instead of my home page. And when I go to internet options to change
> it back to my home page, it still says that my home page ( is
> my home page. But when i click the home button, does not show
> up, but the Security Center page comes up. PLease tell me how to
> remove this!

What "Security Center"? The XP SP2 Security Center or something from
your antivirus?

What is the malware/virus status of the machine? If you think it is
clean, what programs (and versions) did you use to determine this?

Be sure the computer is clean:


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