sun java not working

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Subject: sun java not working
Posted by:  iszzienana (iszziena…
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006

Hi , I had a problem with java not working a few weeks agoand then again 3
days ago. I uninstalled  it and reinstalled  the jave 2 times. At first no
problems now it is not working agin. I have a firwall and virus protector but
the sites I use  the java on is pogo and I have set  them to accept . I have
the add on in internet explorer tools and all that is checked. I have the
folder and have j2re1.4.2 and jre1.5.0.09 in there. I have checked the
advance under tools and  java is enabled there  too.Every place I can think
of  has been opened and checked for the java.I dont know what else to do or