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Subject: Re: NTFS permissions
Posted by:  Roger Abell [MVP] (mvpNoSp…
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006

For NTFS permissions look at how it is done in XP at the
root of C: (assuming that is your install partition) so that
Users can define new folders and via Creator Owner also
get Full Control over what they have created.
When studying how this is effected, be sure that you use
the Advanced button rather than just looking at the generics.

"Graeme" <Grae…> wrote in message
>I have created a share and given students Change and Read permissions on
> share.
> I have then created many folders within that share that I don't want
> students to delete.
> I want students to be able to Create folders within any of these folders
> and
> save their files to it. I only want them to be able to delete their own
> folders and files that they create.
> IS this possible? I have tried with CreatorOwner but they still seem to be
> able to delete everyone else's work. When they select the parent folder to
> delete, it won't let them, but everything inside there is being deleted.
> Any help appreciated.
> Regards, Graeme



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