IE Security-- useless

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Subject: IE Security-- useless
Posted by:  Sync (kdd…
Date: 6 Dec 2006

Just tried running IE on a newly installed W2003 server box that we're
setting up for testing.  Then I needed to download some additional
software for it from msdn.  Default IE security settings made it
impossible.  The "gold bar's" only option is to "get help for the gold
bar" or something like that.  Directions there to fix the problem did
not fix it.  So, finally out of frustration I did two things-- first,
turned off the popup blocker.  Still not enough.  Then, I went into
security settings.  Won't let me set it below High for the internet
zone.  So, I went into custom and set absolutely everything to ENABLE.
Voila-- now I could finally download the needed Microsoft software
from Microsoft's own site.

IE security is great, but if users have to turn it all off like I did
in order to get it to do the most basic operations that I *know* are
not security breaches, then it's completely useless.  Security is no
good if it is so complicated that users will just turn it off out of
frustration because they can't get their work done otherwise.  Most
users don't know an ActiveX download from any other kind or why they
should care, the vast majority of security options are meaningless
gibberish to a large number of users who, nonetheless need to download
things occasionally.

Microsoft: GET A CLUE GUYS!    Quality matters.  You need a Steve Jobs
who will instantly veto such a release simply because there's no way an
end user could be expected to put up with it.  NOW I see why you
constantly resort to underhanded lock-in schemes and anti-OSS FUD
campaigns in order to protect your eroding customer base-- you are
clearly fully aware that if people actually had a choice there's no way
they'd EVER actually choose to use this crap.