Have you used bitlocker?

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Subject: Have you used bitlocker?
Posted by:  phasmid123 (phasmid1…@gmail.com)
Date: 8 Dec 2006

Is it true that bitlocker only protects the hard drive when it's
OFFLINE? Consider the scenarios:

1) I have a TPM capable laptop running bitlocker. The laptop is NOT
joined to a domain and boots automatically to my default account
without asking for user logon and password. Let's say this laptop is
stolen, the thief can boot it up normally (just like what I do)  and
transfer the file to another location, correct?

2) I have a TPM capable laptop running bitlocker. It is not joined to
the domain but Windows prompts me to enter a local account name and
password before completing the boot process. If I lose this laptop, the
thief cannot obtain any data unless the logon and password is known,

What I'm trying to say is, are you only protected by your Windows
password with bitlocker? If that your Windows passwd is compromised
then the encryption is useless?