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Subject: Spyware Cleaner
Posted by:  hardlyhandy (hardlyhan…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006

My subscription to this expired; do not need it anymore as I have a composite
software now for spyware, virus, phising, etc.  Uninstalled the software
using Add/Remove programs. Whenever I turn on the laptop, I  get a notice
that my license has expired and I need to renew.  -- Checked files and
folders and find 2 folders still on the computor,  one of which is empty and
the other shows this renewal message when I open it.  BUT when I try to
delete these files, the message "Access denied" appears.  Now, should I just
forget about it and keep closing the window with the renewal message each
time it appears, hoping it will disappear someday?  Or should I do
'something' to remove it?
another day down.