persistent pop-up, "sonic manager update"

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Subject: persistent pop-up, "sonic manager update"
Posted by:  carcie (carc…
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006

I am hoping that someone out there who knows more than me (anyone reading
this!) can help me straighten out my computer.  I keep getting a persistent
pop-up, whenever I open my computer.  It says "sonic manager update" and
requests a CD-rom to install.  I did not request this, and have no CD-rom.
Don't know what in the devil it is.  I called McAfee for help;  they directed
me to Dell (this computer is less than a year old) with a number to call.  I
then reached a technician who spoke very poor English--who had me remove my
McAfee package (the pop-up stayed) with instructions to reinstall it with
directions he would email me.  The directions he gave me then called for
changing the settings on my computer which I am loathe to do--since I don't
know what I am doing.  Ultimately, my computer would not shut off, the pop-up
persisted no matter what.  Help!