Is this a security threat

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Subject: Is this a security threat
Posted by:  Liron (Lir…
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006

The problem is that a file was installed into my temporary internet folder
which was detected as a security risk by my antivirus program, despite me not
choosing to install the program.  In fact, the file is installed no matter
what choice I make.


When visiting a website, and after temporarily enabling popups, a popup
dialog window telling me that my computer could have some problem and
suggesting I install a program to fix this problem.  The window has two
buttons, OK and Cancel, and the standard 'x' at the top right hand corner.

The problem is that even if I press the Cancel button or the close window
button, this leads to another popup dialog window telling me that I haven't
completed installing that program.  Even if I press the cancel button on this
window, or the close window button, my antivirus program pops up telling me
that a security risk has been detected on my computer.  It then enables me to
perform a scan and remove the file.  But the file has already been downloaded
onto my computer.

The name of the program that was offered to me in the dialog windows was
DriveCleaner.  The file which was detected by my antivirus program was and was located in the Temporary Internet Files