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Subject: Re: Demilitarized Zone
Posted by:  B-Man (Brianmichals…
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007

a demilitarized ( didn't spell it right :P ) zone ( through a router )
allows any computer to connect to your computer unrestricted then a firewall
on your computer would stop the hacker

so unless you want people to be able to ( attemp to )connect to your
computer then you should not enable a demilatarized zone

that way most hacking attempts are stopped at the router and only ports that
have port forwarding enabled on your router will allow the hacker to pass
through it and then your computer firewall stops it. or lets it through if
your running a service

i tend to misspell and have mixed messages in my replies just reply to this
and i'll try to clairifty

Hope This Helps,
Brian M

"HK Cool Dog" <turk…> wrote in message
>I have an extra computer just laying around.  (I have a total of two
> computers)  My main computer connects directly to the Internet.  Is it
> worth
> making that extra computer a Demilitarized Zone, configured between the
> Internet and my home computer?



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