Security Template does not apply folder permissions

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Subject: Security Template does not apply folder permissions
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Date: 2 Jan 2007

Right now I have a folder that has some permissions directly on it.  I
want to use a security template to modify it so that it does not have
any permissions directly on it and instead inherits permissions from
its parent.

I created a security template, and in the File System section I added
an entry for the folder.  I checked the "Configure this file or folder
then" box, and then made sure there were no permissions in the Security
tab and that the Advanced section had the "Inherit from parent the
permission entries that apply to child objects" box checked.

Then I saved the template, went to Security Configuration and Analysis
and opened a database, imported the template, and then configured the
computer.  But it didn't apply the template setting to the folder --
the folder still had permissions directly on it, and did not inherit
anything from its parent.  I analyzed the computer, and in the File
System it did not have a green check mark or red X on the folder; it
just said "subitems defined".

As a side note, I did have an entry for a different folder in my
template (but that one was to directly define a permission onto the
folder).  After configuring the computer, that setting was applied (it
showed the green check mark).

Anyone know why the security template doesn't work for a folder when I
want that folder to inherit permissions?