why those suspect port 443 connections?

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Subject: why those suspect port 443 connections?
Posted by:  cpc (lucini…@mi.madritel.es)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007

Hi everybody!

Sometime ago I started the windows firewall log(c:\windows\pfirewall.log
by default). It´s amusing to have a look to this file because we can see
  the huge amount of noise out there.

I'm worry about some outgoing connections from my computer to port 443
(https) of unknown ip's address.
There´s a repetitive address which I cannot locate, it happens randomly
so I can track it with netstat -b, the address is
Can someone of you tell me whose is that address?
In the other hand I also see normal https connections like msn
messenger, windows update and so on.

I'm running WXP SP2
Windows Defender installed (I don´t find that address in "currently
connected programs)
It´s a new computer and I have no extra software installed like p2p (I
swear it), even I don´t have an antivirus installed

Thank you very much