Re: Allowing outside users access to company Intranet (anonymous)

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Subject: Re: Allowing outside users access to company Intranet (anonymous)
Posted by:  Roger Abell [MVP] (mvpNoSp…
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007

Does the site have both Windows and Basic authentication enabled?
It should, as then IE browsers that are allowed will prefer Windows
authentication, which is much safer.
If this truely is an "intranet" site, then no one other than those allowed
onto your internal network would be able to access.  In that case, if
the site is anonymous for its (non-upload) services, it should not be
a big issue as long as all that do update the content know full well
that it is public to any browser that can get onto the internal network
(i.e. keep it as you state it now is, without any sensitive content).
Never-the-less, it would probably be best to resolve the authentication
issues you are experiencing and keep the extra layer of safety (i.e. non-
anonymous website).

"Larry" <Lar…> wrote in message
> We are currently having problems with basic authentication with users
> trying
> to access the company intranet and I was curious if that I turned off
> basic
> auth and allowed anonymous access would that be a big security issue since
> the info on our intranet is not confidential.  Any thoughts would be
> greatly
> appreciated.



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