Active directory Group Policy (Win2k)

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Subject: Active directory Group Policy (Win2k)
Posted by:  Bogwitch (Bogwit…
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007


We have a strong AD GP enforced, removing all common items from the
users desktop and start menu.

We have a requirement to allow users, when logged on to certain
workstations, to access Microsoft Office. Office is NOT installed on the
other workstations.

We can give users access to the menu items by removing the group policy
but this then gives all users greater access than required on other

I have created a new container for the Office loaded workstations but
the users will be picking up group policy from the Users container as
these users are free to log on to whatever workstation they please but
are restricted to using office on only a few.

Is there a setting within Group Policy Manager that I can set that will
allow access to a few shortcuts for Office apps without compromising the
security of the systems in use?



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