Eliminating data from hard disks;options

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Subject: Eliminating data from hard disks;options
Posted by:  Marlon Brown (MarlonBro…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007


We have to phase out and decomission several Compaq/HP servers and
respective hard drives. I attempted to use a tool 'maxblast' (or something
like that) in the past, and I didn't get that one to work on multiple hard
disks with unconfigured RAID.

Two questions:

1)If I use the vendor tool to 'delete' an array and 'recreate' an array, is
the data on the hard drive wiped out? According to the message on the screen
it says that is the case. I am wondering if security wise, the data on the
hard drive has been destroyed for good and what it would take to recover it
in case someone with bad intentions manages to explore data from those hard

2)Imagine I run 'SmartStart CD' (it is just a vendor initialization software
from HP) and I run the option 'Erase System Partition'. That respective
option tells me that the whole data and system partition would be deleted
from the hard drive. Upon running the tool I noticed that the LED on the
hard drives flash very quickly and the message on the screen states that the
data has been erased. Since that happens so fast, I am wondering whether the
data has been wiped out? If I don't get an answer from people on this, I may
ask HP, however I am trying here to get an unbiased feedback.

Thanks much,