Waking up from hibernate

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Subject: Waking up from hibernate
Posted by:  alskdjfhgzmxncbv (alskdjfhgzmxnc…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007

If my computer hibernates, I move the mouse, or if that doesn't wake it up, I
hit the power button. The "User Screen" opens to allow me to chose which user
(me or my wife). It also lists the number of programs running, AND also
states that i have XXX new mail messages. I have to assume that this is
refering to mail in hotmail and not my actual e-mail account. Either way,
this must mean that Windows is going to Hotmail with out my permission and
checking for mail even though I didn't request this. To me this is an
invasion. If I want to check for mail on Hotmail, I'll log in and look.
Microsoft has no business checking to see if I have mail. It was quite a
while back that I opened the hotmail account, but I don't recall giving
permission for this invasion. I am forced to sign up for hotmail to allow
access to this site, where does Microsoft get off checking my mail when I'm
away from my computer?
Maybe I did agree somewhere, we all know how they hide things in their terms
of service/ privacy policies, and you have to accept to allow you to
continue, just like this page, accept or Poat is grayed out. But this still
isn't right.