Having issues printing from C:\WINNT\TEMP

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Subject: Having issues printing from C:\WINNT\TEMP
Posted by:  Falcon1 (Falco…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007


I'm no network admin but this one is hard to get for me.  A lot of computer
Windows 2000 SP4 clients when printing from Outlook or Internet are getting
blank pages.  Now I know that with administrator rights or by adding Domain
Users write access on the C:\WINN\Temp folder the problem is solved.

However I don't think this is standard behavior to add Domain Users on that
folder and we all know that making users part of the admin group is a
security issue. This is what the Default Permissions look like on all
computers including the ones having the issues.  One last note to have is
that we did change the Windows Env. variable TEMP value to point to C:\TEMP
instead of C:\WINNT\TEMP. This allows a application to run without needing
admin rights.

Administrator (Computer\Administrators)
Creator Owner
Power Users (Computers\Power Users
Users (Computers\Users)